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Peter Pan Essay

  • Submitted by: Slaten27
  • on April 15, 2015
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Slaten Barnett

Jenny Towns

22 October 2013

ENGLISH 1113-01

“Peter Pan”
When you read “The Darling Family,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a family that has everything put together? Maybe the name is ironic and they really aren’t so “darling.” When I read those three words, only one name comes to mind, “Peter Pan.” It’s not only the story that makes “Peter Pan” great, but the theory that even in growing physically, our minds can still retain and acknowledge what we read, heard, and saw as children. The idea that we never truly grow up has become timeless, along with the magical tale of a never growing boy named Peter.
I first witnessed the story of peter pan at an early age, on a television, played through a VHS tape in my living room. My sisters and I would watch the film over and over again because it was one of the only things that made us sit still for a few hours. However, we didn’t watch the Disney cartoon version like most children do. Instead, we would slump in our foam chairs while watching the 1960 “Peter Pan” starring Mary Martin as “Peter.” Before you begin to think “Mary” is a girly name for an actor, allow me to inform you that Mary Martin was actually a woman. That’s right, a woman played the role that young boys admire and want to be like. This concept made the remake seem a little easier to view, because a young boy was actually cast as “Peter.”
The more modern 2003 version of “Peter Pan” has a little bit of a darker take on the child hood story. The lighting used in the newer film gives it a gloomy dark characteristic. In this more recent film that is “Peter Pan,” Jeremy Sumpter put on the green suit and sword as he lead us past the “second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning.” “Peter Pan” seems to be the most iconic role that Mr. Sumpter has played to this day. He truly captured the child aspect of the character while claiming to “…never grow up.”
In comparing these two phenomenal movies, there...

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