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Persuasive Message Essay

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  • on April 14, 2015
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ENGL510:   Foundations of Professional Communication
Writing Assignment 2 Persuasive Message
For this week’s assignment, you will synthesize the most relevant information in the situation below, and present a solution in your own words, using your own analysis. You will not use all of the information included in the scenario.   Remember it is not appropriate to cut and paste entire sections from the situation to substitute for your own analysis.  
The objective of the assignment is to organize your message in a way that will be most effective in persuading the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to take action.

Situation: Convincing the CEO to Approve a Public Relations Plan

You are the director of public relations for Easy to Be Green, the innovative new company that helps homeowners, businesses, and municipalities become more environmentally friendly.  

The company has been active in environmental issues in the community since its founding a few years ago and generally has good community relations.   Recently EBG’s director of research, who is strongly opinionated about environmental issues, spoke in public about the environmental practices of some local companies who employ many people in the community.   Lately, you’ve found that some of your local contacts seem a little less interested in EBG’s public relations initiatives, and there has even been a small drop in sales.   There may be no connections between these events, but you want to be proactive about the company’s community relations.  

You also want to protect the company against charges of hypocrisy.   The other day you as walked through the parking lot, it occurred to you that the majority of the employees drive SUVs, pick-ups, and other kinds of gas guzzlers. This includes the CEO, whose family car is a luxury sedan.   The company’s delivery and service vans are also not the most environmentally-friendly vehicles.

After a little research, you come up with a tentative plan.   You...

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