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Persuasive Letter

  • Submitted by: ayeemango
  • on April 14, 2015
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Dear Bei Maejor,

Are you deciding which high school to attend? Here, let me help. Kerr High school would be the best option, mainly because you live in Alief. Elsik, Taylor, & Hastings are not bad choices, but let’s take a minute to look at why you should go to Kerr instead.

At Kerr, you learn to teach yourself, manage time, and do work your own pace. This may seem hard, but it is the same structure in college. Although you have deadlines, you can fit everything into your schedule. You also have plenty of freedom, not stating you get to do whatever you wish to do, but there are many benefits Kerr provides that others do not. For example, listening to music while doing work or switching periods to fit your schedule according to your needs. Teachers have much trust in students, allowing them to be more lenient. This is beneficial for you because unlike in other schools, the teachers at Kerr will not cater to your every need and breathe down your neck, about being liable about work, but they are still there to assist you in any way possible, which teaches you to be responsible and gratified of the freedom you procure.

Along with having freedom, and working at your own pace, you also get one extra credit each year. For example, at other high schools, you get seven credits whereas to in Kerr, you get eight because we have two semesters and in each semester, there are two terms. In the first semester, we have two core classes and two electives and same for the second semester, which leaves us with eight credits by the end of the school year. You must have twenty-six credits to graduate, so at a regular school, you would end up with twenty-eight. At Kerr, you may earn up to thirty-two, and remember, the more the credits, the better it is.

It all comes down to graduating early (usually in junior year). Graduating early for many students is a preferable choice because with having an extra year off, you can go straight to college, prepare yourself, or work...

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