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Persuasion Essay

  • Submitted by: lsmith85
  • on March 22, 2012
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Legalizing Marijuana
Marijuana is known as Cannabis; a plant that produces a psychoactive effect that allows it to be used medically. Although marijuana is used as a recreational drug, it has medical advantageous as well. Marijuana is the herbal form of Cannabis that contains THC, which can produce the effect of becoming "high" or "pain free." Legalizing marijuana would be an advantage for our society, medical, economy field. Currently 17 states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. Lanik, this is a better effort; however, this introduction still needs your attention. It is important to develop an introduction that focuses on your position. Though it is good to establish a definition, your paragraph is all definition with an added position statement. What will you do to learn more about effective introductions?
Legalizing marijuana would improve our society and reduce crime and it will also improve the health of other countries as well. The legalization and mass distribution of marijuana products would also alleviate some of its glamour and allure, and the regulation of its sale would actually make it more difficult for minors to acquire it (Legalized.org, 2005). If it were legalized, not only would this harmful practice never occur, but the products themselves could be heavily regulated for health concerns including filtering, and specialized growing and manufacturing. Packages of the legal product would be emblazoned with warnings from the surgeon general describing the health risks involved. (Legalize.org, 2005) Many people do not feel as though marijuana can affect them seriously. Most people don't smoke, because of their breathing or may have suffered from bronchitis. People who are against medical marijuana suggest marijuana is addictive, and could lead to harder drug use, but it would make better healthy societies. Most illnesses that marijuana triggers depend on how much marijuana is used. There are pharmacies that sell over the counter...

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