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Personnal Reflexction Paper

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Personal Reflection Paper
Ilisa Nickle

BSHS/ 345
Erik Holmgrem
April 13, 2015

Personal Reflection Paper
Stopping invidious comparison is impossible since it is human nature to compare ourselves to others. Every day we encounter people through work, school or socializing. It is inevitable we see people and think they are more skilled, attractive, smarter, and better off than us. The negative effect of this can harm you and the other party if they become aware of your feelings. The first trick to controlling this is to become aware, pause, acknowledge your thought and refocus.(Tartakovsky)Once you are aware then you can start training yourself to think in a more positive way realizing what you have others are envious of as well..

Self-love and self-confidence is very important in stopping the comparing ourselves to others. We constantly knock ourselves down when comparing ourselves to others. These 12 steps will help to stop invidious comparison, (wikihow.com/ Stop Comparing Yourself to Others)

First ask yourself these questions: Finding the source of your comparative behavior
  * Ask yourself if you have good self-esteem
  * Identify your own comparative behaviors
  * Immediately write down comparative thoughts or feelings
  * Look in the mirror and say thoughts to yourself out loud
  * Try to locate how your comparative behavior began
Second removing or replacing comparative thoughts
  * Celebrate failure or imperfection
  * Compliment others
  * Decrease your exposure to online media and social media outlets
  * Avoid media that shows ideal images
  * Start thinking realistically
  * Use social media in a positive way
  * Be grateful

In life no matter what we achieve there will always be someone out there that has achieved more remember that is their journey and you are on your own. We cannot compare ourselves to others it will alter your path to growth, goals and over all contentment within yourself. Remember it might...

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