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Personality Theories Essay

  • Submitted by: JadeeAguilar
  • on April 17, 2015
  • Category: Psychology
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Charlene Jade F. Aguilar BSPharmacy-2A
Research on the following:
  A. Humanistic Theory
  1. What are deficiency motives according to Maslow?
Deficiency motivation, according to Maslow, occurs when people lack something and try to meet that lack. People seek the reduction of tension and restoration of equilibrium.
  2. B-motives are known as Being Motives.
  3. Maslow defined 2 distinct types of love based on different needs. What did he call them? Explain each.
Maslow defined 2 distinct types of love: one based on selfish need and taking in which he called this as D-love or deficiency love, and one based on unselfish giving that he termed as B-love or being love. Maslow noted that D-lovers look for and fall in love with persons who can meet their needs for security, self-esteem, social recognition, and sexual gratification. At the same time, they may be unintentionally meeting their partners’ own D-love needs. If their needs are complementary, the couple may see themselves as happy and the relationship might last. On the other hand, Maslow sees the most mature relationship, resulting in a synergistic growth of both parties, in unions between B-lovers because they love for the essence or being of the other.
  4. What is B-cognition?
B-cognition is described by Maslow as Being Cognition. It is a new type of cognition which leads to fully experiencing and realizing one’s self (self-actualization).
  5. What technique did Rogers adopt to measure clients’ self-concepts?
Rogers designed the Q-sort technique to measure clients’ self concept. The Q-sort technique involves a client sorting self-referent states on a 7-point Likert scale, ranging from “not like me” (1) to “like me” (7). After a client sorts the self-referents according to the way he or she actually sees himself or herself, the client is asked to resort the statements to reflect the ideal self, or the way he or she would like to see himself or herself. In order to measure the reliability of...

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