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Personal Respoonsiblity Essa Essay

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Rough Draft Personal Responsibility Essay
Jean Martin
Gen 200
Lisa Stepp

Life is full of personal responsibilities.   All of us, as responsible adults have personal responsibilities. When asked what personal responsibilities means to me, my mind went on a brainstorming binge. When you are asked what personal responsibility means to you, what does your brain do?   Even though personal responsibilities can change, all adults have daily personal responsibilities in their lives because daily routine activities that a person must do, is in reality, a personal responsibility. Scheduling time management activities has proved that personal responsibilities are also a part of the process.

  I.   Personal responsibilities, that are immediate in your life, are a part of every responsible adult’s life.

A. Self:   You are a personal responsibility to yourself.   A responsible adult who     practices personal responsibility to take care of themselves will be an effective and beneficial person to themselves and others.

  1. Physical

Every responsible adult has a personal responsibility to keep healthy. Through proper eating, sleeping, hygiene and exercise, a person will feel better about themselves.   They will be able to perform functions normally making it easier to deal with the rest of the personal responsibilities a person has in their lives. I know I have a personal responsibility to practice better health strategies because when I feel good, my activities are beneficial to my family, my work and my education.

  2.   Spiritually

All of us as responsible adults have some kind of spirituality in each of us.   As a responsible adult you have a personal responsibility to fulfill that spirituality within yourself...   How a person fulfills this personal responsibility to themselves is based upon the factors of ethics, moral values and religion.   Nourishing the spirituality inside the responsible adult, that seeks it, will make it a lot easier to work with the...

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