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Personal Responsibilities Essay

  • Submitted by: yary0382
  • on March 31, 2014
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Personal responsibility is taking actions for our personal life and problems, knowing how to use our time, energy and to whom we dedicate it and also learn how to accept the consequences of our actions without blaming others around us.

        I know that we all have external and personal problems in our lives, but we all must learn how to be responsible for different areas in our lives in order to solve our problems in an appropriate and respectful manner. We have to be responsible in many ways like in your school or your children's school, work, driving and many more but if we are organized we can meet our goals successfully.

        Responsibility to me is to be a primarily well-organized person so that I could be responsible at work, school or even personally with my kids and family. We must learn to accept the consequences of our actions and not blame the people who are around us. We can decide how to dedicate our time and energy it. We are responsible when we believe that our happiness depends on ourselves and not depend on others want us, fulfill our desires or give us the attention that we deserve. To have a positive experience in my education, I have to separate my personal, and family, problems from education. Having time for my family apart from the time of my education it can help me to complete my assignments on time and understand the class.

        We all have to know how to use our time wisely.We rush to finish our deadlines as the clock is thicking. We would love to have a 36 hour day instead of a 24 hour day. We do not realize that we are hurting ourselves by trying to do too much. By rushing we get anxiety and almost all the time, the worst consequence is our health. Think before trying any job and concentrate in the short term goals and adjust your time. You also need to separate your important task from the unimportant ones that can be left for later. Stop worrying about any problem and find a solution to resolve it. In school try...

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