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Personal Reflection Essay

  • Submitted by: mrtaylor1130
  • on April 14, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Personal Reflection

Shawn Taylor


March 24, 2015
Canary Sterling

Personal Reflection

      Experiences in life are what make every human being on the planet unique in his or her own right. Experiences can be negative or positive and affect a person’s life long after initially happening. Positive experiences seem to come and go based upon more positive actions but negative experiences are hard to forget and sometime cause people to seek assistance from human services professionals. Invidious comparison and vicarious traumatization occur because of negative situations in life and causes people to reflect on life, sometimes in ways that are abnormal to the usual/normal train of thought. This paper will discuss personal experiences that occurred and how to stop invidious comparison as well as strategies currently used to avoid vicarious traumatization and strategies people can develop in the future to avoid vicarious traumatization.
How to Stop Invidious Comparison/ Scenario
      Comparisons are harsh at times because the two things being compared might be total opposites of each other and therefor the outcome can be biased and one sided. Comparing one’s self to Michael Jordan to determine skill sets in the game of basketball is ridiculous in its own right but many people in life often compare themselves to entertainers, athletes, and musicians. Comparisons often include judging which can be a losing battle within, because personal gratification sometimes falls short of society’s expectations. Being the only male in a family of four children many comparisons have been made of all the siblings as far as the pursuit of education.
      The youngest daughter in the family has obtained the most education so far causing the older siblings to be compared to the baby of the family, which makes some expectations hard to fulfill. Continuing education has always been a goal of the writer but because his personal feelings that the oldest sibling...

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