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Personal Impact Essay

  • Submitted by: canella3
  • on August 22, 2015
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Personal Impact Video on Type I Diabetes

Angeline Canella

NUR 427

Aug. 18th, 2015
University of Phoenix
Professor Karen Rousseau

Personal Impact Video on Type I Diabetes

    According to the “American Diabetes Association” (2015), Type I diabetes is usually diagnosed in childhood or early teens, but can occur at any age. It is also referred to as juvenile diabetes. A patient that has type I diabetes, the pancreases produces little of no insulin that results in a fluctuation where the body cannot function properly. The body's immune system will attack and destroy beta cells in the pancreases causing the production of insulin. The result is the body will not get enough fuel to function. Over a period, months to years, the beta cells will stop working. This can lead to dangerous blood sugar levels if untreated. Treatment for type I diabetes involves taking insulin everyday by pump and injections and following a proper diet and exercise. Common signs and symptoms of type I diabetes is increased thirst and hunger, frequent urination, weight loss, blurred vision, and lethargy.
    Let’s look at a true story of a patient that discusses the challenges of her diagnosis and how she copes. D.C is a 16-year-old female that was just recently diagnosed in May 2008 (Bracken, 2008). Her video was made November 2008. She was at school when she didn’t feel well and thought she had the flu. When she was hospitalized it was discovered she had type I diabetes. With her diabetes, she has to check her blood sugar levels frequently throughout her day. D.C. meets with her pediatric endocrinologists once a month instead of a typical patient that visits their doctor 4 times a year because she is involved in a clinical trial to find a medication that can help cure type I diabetes. Her daily regimen consists of checking her blood sugar and administering Lantus insulin in the morning. In one incident during her treatment, she became diaphoretic and had to have her blood...

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