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Performance Appraisals Essay

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Performance Management is critical to any company if the company wants to gain a competitive advantage. Performance Management by definition is where supervisors ensure that the inputs and outputs of employees are in line with the company’s goals. In any organisation an employee would want to know how the activities he carries out (inputs) and outputs matches up to the company’s standards and expectations. Companies therefore conduct performance appraisal evaluations to give employees the opportunity to receive information on his/her performance. There are different types of performance appraisal methods used by organizations. For example, there is the Critical Incident Method, Management by Objectives (MBO) and the Essay Method.   These methods can be used for different situations, dependent on the employee that is being evaluated. It is critical for supervisors to note that these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.
The critical incident method is a process where supervisors record critical incidents as they occur. These incidents can be desirable or undesirable. Supervisors and employees arrange to meet at a convenient time to discuss these behaviours. This appraisal method has many advantages; evaluations are based on actual job behaviours therefore specific facts are provided which allows for a review at different intervals. Second, it is used to identify specific examples of performance that is good or poor, also pointing out how these poor performances can be corrected. As facts are accumulated overtime and the employee is not rated on his/her most recent performance this method ensures consistency in the rating process. However, this method cannot be used on its own to compare workers. It must be used with another rating technique. There is also overly close supervision; some employees may feel overly watched by a supervisor which may cause work conflict.
Management by Objectives is where managers set specific goals and standards for...

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