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Performance Appraisal Essay

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Performance Appraisal Methods
“It is formal, structured system of measuring, evaluating job related behaviors and outcomes to discover reasons of performance and how to perform effectively in future so that employee, organization and society all benefits.”
Meaning of Performance Appraisals
Performance Appraisals is the assessment of individual’s performance in a systematic way. It is a developmental tool used for all round development of the employee and the organization. The performance is measured against such factors as job knowledge, quality and quantity of output, initiative, leadership abilities, supervision, dependability, co-operation, judgment, versatility and health. Assessment should be confined to past as well as potential performance also. The second definition is more focused on behaviors as a part of assessment because behaviors do affect job results.
Performance Appraisals and Job Analysis Relationship
Job Analysis à | Performance Standards à | Performance Appraisals |
Describe the work and personnel requirement of a particular job. | Translate job requirements into levels of acceptable or unacceptable performance | Describe the job relevant strengths and weaknesses of each individual. |
Objectives of Performance Appraisals
Use of Performance Appraisals
1.    Promotions
2.    Confirmations
3.    Training and Development
4.    Compensation reviews
5.    Competency building
6.    Improve communication
7.    Evaluation of HR Programs
8.    Feedback & Grievances

4 Goals of Performance Appraisals
General Goals | Specific Goals |
Developmental Use | Individual needs Performance feedbackTransfers and PlacementsStrengths and Development needs |
Administrative Decisions / Uses | Salary PromotionRetention / TerminationRecognitionLay offsPoor Performers identification |
Organizational Maintenance | HR Planning Training NeedsOrganizational Goal achievementsGoal IdentificationHR Systems EvaluationReinforcement of organizational...

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