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Pendulum Essay

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Aim:   To calculate the acceleration due to gravity using a simple pendulum

General Background: A simple pendulum oscillates with S.H.M., and its period, T is obtained provided Ѳ, the angle at which the pendulum is launched, does not exceed about 10°. The equation for the Time Period is –



            T= Time Period

            g= Acceleration due to gravity

            l= Length of string

Hypothesis:   The time taken for a simple pendulum to complete 1 oscillation from its mean actual position is called the time period of a simple pendulum. In this experiment we take a simple gravity pendulum and made it swing back and forth by applying an external force. We will notice that by increasing the mass doesn’t affect the time period of the pendulum, i.e., the period of a simple pendulum is only affected by its length and acceleration due to gravity and its motion is independent of the mass of the bob or the angle at which the arm hangs at the moment of release. Therefore the time period of a simple pendulum is directly proportional to the length of the string.


  1. Simple Stand with Holder

  2. Clamps

  3. Bob

  4. Meter Scale

  5. Stopwatch

  6. Protractor

  7. Thread/String


          1. Length of String

          1. Time Period of the pendulum

          2. Frequency (related to Time Period,[pic]) of displacement/time graph.

          3. Velocity of the bob.

          1. Mass of Pendulum (Bob basically, the mass of string is negligible and considered weightless)

          2. Angle at which the pendulum is released

          3. Air Resistance of Lab (the experiment was conducted in a closed room, with shut windows and very little speed of air)


    1. Tie the bob with the string/thread.

    2. Mark 5 different lengths on the string/thread , starting from 1 m and decreasing till 0.6...

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