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Penalty Fare Essay

  • Submitted by: Juliefpoulsen1
  • on April 16, 2015
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Penalty fare – Essay

Love and relationship is something which most men have a difficulty in understanding. It can be beautiful, but it can also be cruel if one of the two in a relationship makes the decision to turn their back on the other part and give up.   It can cause the other part horrific aftermaths, such as drinking problems, depression etc.

The text familiarizes us about a situation similar to the one I have described above. It seems, as if Tammy is the one who gave up on their relationship due to Paul’s irresponsibility and under appreciation. The breakup has put Paul in between the hope of getting her back, and giving up on everything.

In the beginning of the text he is in denial, which is a state each and every one is going through after a breakup. It depends on the person how they cope with a breakup and in Paul’s case he copes with it by being in denial at first and lies on the couch and does nothing except listens to music for three weeks. The first song he listens to, “Love on the rocks”, is a song about the heartache of loving someone who does not love you back. It is also about drinking your problems away, which the title indicates. “Love on the Rocks” is a reference to the term X on the rocks. X is for instance Vodka and “on the rocks” means “with ice cubes”. So the song familiarizes us about how someone finds comfort through alcohol. That someone drinks the pain away. The next song that he wishes to come on the radio is “Stand by your man”, which reveals how he feels about the breakup. He feels as if she should stand next to him, her man. That it is where she belongs. The song that actually comes on instead of “Stand by your man” is “Hallo” by Lionel Richie, which expresses his longing for the girl he loves, but cannot have.

The first 15 sentences reveal that one of the themes in the text is unrequited love. The songs imply that he is a broken man who has lost the love of his life, but is still hoping to get her back, which reveals...

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