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Pc Security Essay

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PC Security: Protecting Your Network
Towson University
AIT 614
April 17, 2015
Charles Pak


Because of the proliferation of technology use, it has become necessary that the Security Administrator, along with Management, develop a Security Policy to help create a secure environment in which to conduct business.   This policy must be based on a system that is static enough to form a strong foundation to build security upon, but also flexible enough that it allows rapid growth and speedy response to keep pace with the new advances, problems, and issues that arise in the ever changing landscape of the IT field.
Understanding what the system is getting secured from is essential to the Security Administrator.   He must recognize the threats and which of the three main categories that the threats fit into.   Network attacks occur outside of the system and differ greatly from Intrusions, which are user controlled attacks that happen inside the system causing damage internally. Malicious Code, or Malware, are automated attacks that, once released, act independently.
There are many tools available to the Security Administrator to help in securing a work environment.   Purchasing hardware and software additions and upgrades can make all the difference in the level of security.   Antivirus software helps to protect the system against the na├»ve user who might jeopardize the system while software firewalls protect by controlling the data flow between computers before the user comes in contact with it.   A router serves as a hardware firewall controlling data between the computer connected to it and the Internet.   Having a reviewable security policy in place helps the Security Administrator when dealing with the user community on the system.   By putting a policy in place, this allows the SA to define the allocation of IT resources, by setting up rules which determine access levels.
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With the ever expanding use of technology in the workplace,...

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