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Paying with Pennies Essay

  • Submitted by: zerance1
  • on April 15, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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In today’s society, people follow strict folkways that they were taught growing up that we call the “right” way of doing things. Folkways are norms for routine and casual interactions, the line between right and rude. (68) We don’t get too close to other people unless invited or help ourselves to someone else’s belongings because that’s not the way that we have been taught. In our experiment, we went into a grocery store and fast food restaurant. Instead of paying with dollar bills, like most people do, we paid in pennies.
Before we started our experiment we discussed what reaction we may encounter. Jaime stated that depending on what store we went to would cause a different reaction from the people. I said that no matter what store we went to people were going to get mad anyway because they are going to have to wait no matter what. Brian thought that the cashiers were going to have the most anger because they were going to be the one who had to deal with all the pennies once we left.
Jaime started the experiment at Shop N Save in Alton. She picked up a ninety-nine cent bag of chips, a 24-ounce bottle of Pepsi, and a Slim Jim. With Brian and I watching, she walked over to lane 3 checkout where there was a lady being checked out. Jaime waited patiently for her turn and set her things on the belt. A couple more people got in line behind Jaime and waited for their turn to check out also. The cashier rang Jaime’s items up and told her that it would be $4.14. Jaime pulled out all of her pennies and began to count out the money she owed. The cashier didn’t notice at first that Jaime only had pennies, once she figured it out she had a look of disgust. In the middle of the counting the woman behind Jaime said “Are you serious, why didn’t you go to the bank first and have them cash all those pennies out before coming here and making all of us wait, you know some of us are in a hurry!” Jaime said nothing to this woman and kept on counting, that woman went to another...

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