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Paul Poiret Essay

  • Submitted by: TanyaGG
  • on April 15, 2015
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Le Magnifique
Paul Poiret (pōl pwärĕ)
(1879- 1944)

Le Magnifique
Paul Poiret (pōl pwärĕ)
(1879- 1944)


Tanya GG
Tanya GG


I. Why Paul Poiret

“Every decade has its seer or Sybil of style, a designer who, above all others, is able to divine and define the desires of women. In the 1910s, this oracle of the mode was Paul Poiret, known in America as "The King of Fashion."
Paul Poiret was a name that was little known to me until recently. The Laurel “The King of fashion” set me inquisitive and the readings and facts belittled the prominent pioneers and enlightened the true harbinger of the modern fashion. And there was no turning back in appreciating the harbinger of modernism.
Poiret was an influential French designer of early twentieth century who led a fashion renaissance, abandoned from the rational fame for a long time is celebrated as the true precursor who created the standards of modern fashion.
He was an inspiration of not only passion but also state of the art hard work and smart work. He moved with the time and focused on creativity rather than expensive couture. He had the groundbreaking vision to develop the never before seen ideas that had big impact on early twentieth century.
"I did not wait for my success to grow by itself. I worked like a demon to increase it, and everything that could stimulate it seemed good to me.”
He constantly challenged himself not only in terms of design but every aspect of the fashion- be it dramatic Color palette or ornaments or silhouette of the garment. He represented the “New women” Met. His designs that were the headlines were worn by only brave women of that era.
With his oriental vision he not only created the fantasies and artistic theatrical costumes but lead to major sustainable innovations in fashion backed by strong technical and marketing achievements.
“Poiret's exoticized tendencies were expressed through his use of vivid color...

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