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Partnership Working in Health and Social Essay

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In order to work effectively in health and social care, professionals need to work in partnership with service users and each other.
In an essay format:
  1. Explain partnership philosophies. Give Specific examples of how these philosophies are demonstrated in various health and social care settings.
  2. Examine the strengths and the barriers of working within partnership relationships in health and social care services.
Partnership working is about developing inclusive, mutually beneficial relationships that improve the quality and experience of care.   This includes the relationships between individuals with long term conditions, their carers and service providers. When working in partnership in health and social care, there are few philosophies that strengthen partnership working. These philosophies are: empowerment, independence, humanity, equity, trust and respect.
In health and social care, empowerment is regarded as a manner or course of action which enables people have a lot more control over decisions and actions that will affect their health. (World Health Organization, 1998). Basically, being empowered in health and social care means that patients, caregivers, and service users can exercise choice and are taking charge of their lives. Empowerment is a necessary philosophy in the partnership of health and social care context because it is the basis on which an honest and open relationship between client and professional can be formed. When patients are allowed to make decisions about things that will affect their health, the increased control enables them achieve their goals and aspirations and in the long run will maximize the quality of their lives. The concept of empowerment has connections with assertiveness and independence and is clearly linked to the various forms of advocacy. For the patient or client, the subjective experience of empowerment is about rights, choice and control which may lead to a more...

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