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Parkinsons Essay

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Parkinson’s Disease
Jennifer Brock
English 147
May 4, 2015
Elsie Walker

Parkinson’s Disease

What would you do if you were told you only had six years to live? During those six years you would become a burden to your family. You will no longer be able to do the simples of tasks, like tie your shoes, eat, and bath yourself. One percent of the world population is dealing with this. Parkinson’s is a treatable and manageable disease even though it’s incurable, with proper treatment the disabling effects of Parkinson’s can be controlled.
Parkinson’s is a neurological motor system disorder effecting one percent of the world’s population (Shaikh & Verma, 2011). The disorder damages or kills the nerves cells producing the chemical dopamine (Parkinson’s disease (PD),2013).   The nerve cells producing dopamine transmit chemical signals to the brain, fabricating smooth muscles movement throughout the body.   The damage or death of these cells triggers involuntary actions such as tremors and balance problems, leaving the patient powerless to regulate normal body motion. The disorder is most common in men but women are not immune, normally patients see symptoms around the age of 60, but in rare cases the symptoms have started as early as the age of 18 (Foundation, n.d.).   Nevertheless, Parkinson’s symptoms are treatable and manageable with therapies, medications and surgeries that will allow patients to live a more active lifestyle.  
The common therapies used to combat Parkinson’s symptoms are physical, occupational and speech therapy.   Of the therapies mentioned, physical therapy is generally used first to increase muscle strength and flexibility for normal activity. Physical therapy will improve posture, balance, reaching and grasping, gait, and bodily condition.   Occupational therapy is also used to provide specialized therapy to improve symptom coping skills, provide different ways to complete tasks and using equipment to perform daily activities with greater...

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