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Paradigm Essay

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New Technology: Wearable Technologies
This essay was written to share the advancements in Wearable technologies. The article I read had a wide variety of new and upcoming Wearable technologies that blew my mind. In the last few years, there has been a tremendous rise in wearable technologies and the applications in which we use them. In the next 3 years it is said that we will have over 130 million wearables and the uses for them can be limitless.
There are all kinds of Wearable Technology that do an array of applications. There are people that think that someday every part of our body will have some type of wearable technology attached to it. Google has a technology called Glass, which are glasses that act as a computer. You can search the web, bring up gps tracking system, and even read your emails from them. Samsung has the Gear S, which is a watch that does everything from make outgoing calls to checking your heart rate. The watch can even send and receive emails which is important to business men on the go.There is even a patent that Sony has applied for that will start the process of making a smart wig. This wig will be used as a navigation tool, a potential boon to the sight-impaired. The device will do this by sending out ultrasound signals to detect objects and alert the wearer with vibrations or small electric shocks. Other applications of the wig will include video cameras and body monitors.
In conclusion, Wearable Technologies have advanced greatly and surprisingly fast. It can be safe to say that virtually every person will have a Wearable Technology at some point that will help them with almost anything. Im am excited to see what advancement we will see next in Wearable Technologies, hopefully it will a device that reads my mind and types what im thinking!
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