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Paperless Project Essay

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Over the past decades, individuals as well as corporations, have been increasingly concerned
about the consequences of their actions on the physical environment. Although Environment Canada uses
a number of acts, regulations and agreements in order to fulfil its mandate to preserve and enhance the
quality of Canada's natural environment, corporations continue to engage in practices that contribute to its
deterioration. For example, educational institutions are businesses that produce significant amounts of
waste, as paper is the resource that is the most disposed of. Also, the paper industry is one of the
industries that pollutes the most: It is the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions and is
responsible for over 900 million trees being cut annually. We want to our position as students to promote
responsible business practices that help combat the environmental crisis that has been created by years of
unsustainable and careless corporate and governmental decisions.
1. Objectives
1.1 Primary Objective
This project will focus on making JMSB 60%-70% paperless. In order to successfully implement
“paperless Jmsb” some rules would have to be inforced.
1.2 Rules:
- Professors will no longer print course outlines and class notes for students
- All material used by professors, such as class notes will be required to be available online
- It would be mandatory for all textbooks used in courses to be available online through one of
Concordia’s learning management systems, such as Econcordia, and would be purchased through the
- The online textbooks would be sold at a very low prices,
- All assignments will be required to be submitted online only
- Course packs compiled by JMSB professors will only be available online
- Hard Copies of textbooks will no longer be sold at the Concordia Bookstore
- Exams however, will continue to be conducted in the old fashion manner
1.3 Limitations
The scope of our project will...

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