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  • on August 18, 2015
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An analysis of Joseph “Todd” Walker’s Passengers (2005)
This short film focuses on a group of passengers that are brought collectively for a concise instant of innocent fancy caused by an inanimate object that happens to find its way inside the dull, grey, and seemingly mundane lives of the train passengers. Black and white is used to simulate creativity, however, the disparity of blacks and whites, along with the dull costumes, unique characteristics, mannerisms of the players, and playful classical score all blend together exceptionally well here to produce a story that would otherwise be delightful on the surface at best.
The short movie starts with some pigeons sitting on a building’s ledge and a feather falls from one white pigeon’s plumage, descending into a subway air vent. The camera then pans onto a male subway traveler with a quintessential urban office employee look who then boards a train and sitsdown. A few moments into the journey a white feather presumably the previous one shown at the start of the movie flows into the train and sits on the male passenger’s head. Everybody around him wear the same weary look, tired of their unexciting and monotonous lives. All of these people around him find a humorous escape from their repetitiveness by the feather on the man’s head and they observe at his little misfortune. A lady sitting opposite to him notices the feather and brings his attention to it. The man then blows it away and the feather floats around in the train with everybody around the feather trying to shoo it away in a stupid yet funny way. The feather then finally takes an exit from the train through a window.
After all this fuss the male protagonist looks at his opposite seat only to find an old lady sitting there and the young playful lady who made him aware of the feather on his head seems to have left the train after a stop. Following this scene, he has to give up his seat for an elderly person. While standing he looks...

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