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  • on April 15, 2015
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In many years, the world has experienced many violent acts done by teenagers. Many people
ask why all this happening and the answer is that children are surrounded by large media
companies who are mainly responsible for these children’s behaviors and way of thinking. One of
the worst influential media is video games; they create video game that provide brutal violent
acts such as murders, rapes etc. which videos are made for the adult population, but
unfortunately they end up in the hands of an active children ready to learn those not appropriate
cruel acts. The use of violent video games at an early age can affect children in many ways
which are commonly ignored by their parents.
    One negative result of video games on children is that their academic perform decrease at
school. When it comes to video games and children, we must take a clear look to see how much
time our children are playing videos games on the daily basis. Most children tend to do very low
at school work related. First, the children start to not doing their homework because they are “too
busy” playing videos games. The following day at school, they do not have the homework that
cost twenty percent of their final grade. Then, this becomes worst when the child stays up all
night playing video games, the next morning when is time to get up for school they cannot get up
because they just went to sleep five minutes ago. As a result, they miss a pop quiz worth other
twenty percent. Video games create a bad habit in children because once they start playing they
cannot stop; thus, they forget about their responsibilities at school which can cause in failure to
pass courses which cost money and time.

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