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- Creates a virtual world or network in which we can share our thoughts and ideas globally
- Reconnection with friends and family members
- Allows for the creation of groups and pages
- Reality is challenged in the way that anyone can create an event and invite all of their friends in a matter of minutes instead of writing out a bunch of letters and mailing them to each person which costs money
- Informs us on the many current events going on locally and globally
- Businesses can thrive by expanding relationship easily and effortlessly online rather than going out and meeting people face to face
Facebook has truly revolutionized how we perceive reality because with one click of a button, we can check up on how certain friends or family members are doing that may be out of state or even out of the country. Before Facebook, there was no easy way to look a friend up that we might have lost contact with. The only real way to find lost friends and family members would have been through the yellow pages, but this made it nearly impossible to find who we are looking for. Also, Facebook creates this world where anybody can share their ideas or just what they might be thinking about at the time with anyone they want. Before Facebook, you could oly share your ideas and thoughts with the people around you. I can post a status at any point in time and my cousins in Italy will be able to see it. That is so revolutionary.
Thesis: Some might say that social networking gives many the ability to remain close with distant relationships of all kinds. Facebook has altered our reality in the sense that we are able to stay in touch with childhood friends that have moved away, it enhances our chances of success in businesses, and it can easily inform us about the many current events and affairs going on around the world and in our local communities. I would also like to discuss what life was like before the invention of Facebook and what aspect of our...

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