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Thesis:Although the African American reform movement from 1890-1910 and the Black reform movement from 1950-1970 were both working for change, the strategies and specific goals of the two movements differed in many ways.

    Goals of each movement
        Reform movement 1890-1910
            Booker T. Washington- Washington felt that that African Americans should try to achieve imediate self improvement
            W.E.B Du Bois- Felt that Washington was encouraging segregation; University educations for blacks; more black in the professions
            NAACP-Tried to give full equality to the most exceptional blacks; Create trained elite of African Americans to fight for the rights of others.
        African American Civil Rights Movement 1950-1970
            Martin Luther King Jr.-Gain equality for all blacks; End public discrimination;Join together balck and white communnities peacefully
                Desegrigation of public school
                Montgomery bus boycott- Gain equality for regular working class
            Black Power/Black Panther- wanted to glorify black culture and a seperation of whites and blacks
    Strategies of each movement
        Reform Movement 1890-1910
            W.E.B Du Bois-Encouraged people to fight for their civil rights instead of wait for them; helped found NAACP
            NAACP-Fought for change though court cases; tried to create a black elite form the most intellegent and educated members of the black community, to fight for civil rights
                Guinn v. United States(1915)-ended the granfather clause in Oklahoma
                Buchanan v. Worley(1917)- struck down Kentuck law requiring residental segregation
        Black Civil Rights Movement 1950-1970
            Martin Luther King Jr.- Used the idea of passive resistance from Henery David Thoreau
                Boycotts- Birmingham Bus Boycott in 1955-56 in which normal people paraticipated; sit-ins by college students at...

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