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Palm Tree Essay

  • Submitted by: moehoe94
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: English
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English 2
I choose a palm tree because it symbols protection, peace, and opportunity. The palm tree in my drawing protects the bird and the life around it from the sun and its heat unlike the bird on the top of the tree which can’t take the heat. Also it keeps the bird peaceful and relaxed under its shade and breeze. It gives opportunity for the life around it to live and grow to something beautiful.
This palm tree is like me in a way because I am very peaceful and never like to start or get into fights. Also I don’t try to make other people start to fight I try to stop them from getting into a fight. When you are around me you feel very relaxed and comfortable, I won’t try to make you feel awkward. Plus it very hard to try and find people that will be peaceful and not want to fight or start wars.
Another thing is protection as the tree protects the bird and the life around it. I protect my family and friends from doing thing that they will regret or not want to do. I will keep them safe from the streets and crimes in the world no matter how hard it is. Also I will protect them from any one that will try to hurt them no matter what happens.
The palm tree gives opportunity to the life around it, and I give everyone an opportunity to become what they want no matter what race they are. Also I always have an opportunity for new ideals and give them a chance; I never try to be bias to one side of a discussion. I don’t try to put any ones hopes or beliefs down and let them believe what every they want.

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