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Owning Your Own Business Essay

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I want to start off this exercise with a bold statement: owning and operating my own small business terrifies me. While I believe that I could make a small business work and be successful, there are so many other factors around the concept of owning a business that steer me away from wanting to make that career choice. It certainly doesn’t help that I suffer from anxiety as is.
Looking at my weaknesses, my biggest one has nothing to do with my education but is all in my head. The fear that my business would fail would almost cripple my attempt to get a business up and going. As someone who tries to be as frugal as possible with his money, it’s hard to see myself putting forth all the money needed with the possibility of the business failing. That aside, looking into my education, accounting would be my next weakness. On a basic level I understand that numbers should balance, I just don’t have a knack for the subject. In all likelihood, my first employee would be an accountant.  
On the flip side of this, my overall strength has to be my technology knowledge, both in my personal experience and education. I consider myself to be on the cutting edge of any tech-related information. My minor is in Information Systems so I can put that knowledge towards my business and put it to work for me. Another strength would be my ability to run a small business. I am currently a manager at a banquet hall, although the food service industry isn’t what I would necessarily want my business to be, I’ve been around that particular industry for six years now and have seen how each aspect is run and how I would run it differently.
Looking at my strengths and weaknesses I feel that I could not own and operate a small business on my own. I would have to have a partner to make a promising business venture. Ideally the partner would provide the unseen actions while I would take over the visible aspects of the business. The partner would also help balance me out by constantly telling...

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