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Outline and Evaluate Research Into Type a Personality?

  • Submitted by: vioxla
  • on April 15, 2015
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Outline and evaluate research into type A personality?

Research has suggested that people who possess the attributes of a type A personality are more likely to develop a stress related illness such as CHD (Coronary Heart Disease). Friedman and Rosenman (1959) arranged a longitudinal study whereby they assessed 3200 healthy men from the USA, aged between 39- 59. The experiment entailed a structured interview in addition to an observation which was used to assess their personality type and current health, in order to make sure they were fit to engage with the study. The men were then divided into different groups according to their personality types (Type A or Type B), and observed for 8 and a half years to see if they developed some form of CHD. According to the findings, 257 out of the men eventually developed CHD, with 70% possessing a type A personality. This is because people who possess type A personality are more likely to have their ‘fight of flight’ response set off more frequently and by things in their environment, thus resulting in an increase in the stress-hormone present, which over a long period of time could lead to a ‘stress related illness’ such as CHD. Friedman and Rosenman’s study therefore suggests that there is a high association and correlation between the development of CHD and Type A personality.

Furthermore, Friedman and Rosenman use of a longitudinal study (8 1/2) years is high in temporal and ecological validity as it was conducted in the participants own environment allowing more depth and detail into the research gathered. However this type of research is very time consuming and is prone to high rates of attrition which may in turn result in a more biased sample. Furthermore Freidman and Rosenman’s study was only done on men in America, which means the findings may be specific to a certain generation of people and not the wider population, such as different cultures or females. In addition, although there is high ecological...

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