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Outline and Evaluate Research Into the Effectiveness of Cognitive Interview

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  • on April 18, 2015
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Cognitive interview as an alternative method of interviewing witnesses has been shown to increase accuracy of memory, although in some cases it has been shown to make little difference. The stages of cognitive interview are; report everything, changed perspective, reverse order and context reinstatement, which research has shown improves recall. An issue with most of the research is that it is conducted in laboratory conditions and some of it poses ethical issues.
One piece of research into the cognitive interview is from Geiselman (1988). He showed students videos of violent crimes and interviewed them 48 hours later either using a standard police interview or the cognitive interview. The found that people were significantly more likely to remember details correctly when interviewed using the cognitive interview, showing that cognitive interview is effective in improving recall. However this study was a laboratory experiment which means it lacks ecological validity as people may have not taken it as seriously as they would in reality so the results can’t be generalised. Also, there are ethical issues in this study as it showed people violence so they weren’t protected from possible psychological harm.
More research into the effectiveness of cognitive interview has supported this study showing that cognitive interview is superior to standard interview. Stein and Memon (2006) took a sample of cleaners in Brazil and showed them from videos of an abduction. They found that when interviewed in the style of the cognitive interview their recall was better than with standard interview, suggesting that cognitive interview is more effective. However, this study has low ecological validity as it was conducted in laboratory conditions, so people may have answered differently when interviewed about a real crime they had witnessed. Also, the sample was only female cleaning staff in Brazil so it has low population validity meaning it can’t be generalised to the whole...

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