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Our Obligation to Our Parents Essay

  • Submitted by: daniela161
  • on April 2, 2014
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Our Obligation to Our Parents
Our parents have taken care of us since we were came to be in this world. They raised us and loved us unconditionally. Why shouldn’t we take care of them when they need help? As we age and start becoming adults, our parents do as well. When they reaches a certain age they aren’t capable of doing things like they used to and everyday tasks start becoming harder we need to step up and help them. Children have an obligation to take care of their parents when they reach adult age if their parents have been there for them and taken care of them properly.
A website called Nolo, which is written by multiple lawyers and is conveniently available to the general public, on the topic of elder care and seniors states that “more than half of the states have ‘filial responsibility’ laws that make adult children responsible for their parents’ medical care, if their parents can’t pay.” If one of your parents gets an illness and needs assistance financially you should definitely help them without hesitation. In any other financial issue they may have you should help them because when you were a younger and unable to take care of yourself they were there for you. We should help our parents financially if they need it.
You should not only be there for your parents financially but emotionally as well. To take care of our parents as they age is a great demonstration of our love for them. But one thing is for sure; that choice reflects what kind of person you are. Personally, I will take it as an honor to be there for them when they get older. I will never place my parents in a nursing home. And there are a number of reasons why. You should make sure to call them and visit them regularly. Being left alone in a retirement home with people you don’t know to take care of you, isolated and forgotten must be really emotionally draining.
Some people might disagree. They might say that they don’t need to take care of you parents when they get older...

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