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Our History Folder Essay

  • Submitted by: arifaun
  • on April 16, 2015
  • Category: History
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The users of computer and internet are familiar with the history folder. While browsing, web pages, automatically store in this folder. This history folder contains the pages upto 20 days but user can increase or decrease the number of days according to the capacity of hard drive. If the system has large hard drive, user can increase the number of days to store the history of long time.
This history folder is very useful and we can browse this folder day wise, week wise or month wise. We can find our all visited web pages. If we want to browse this history folder, we find a shortcut available at our web browser. We just click and see all our history but where the actually data stored on the hard drive, very few people know it.
All this discussion was about a machine called computer and made by human. The history folder is no doubt much useful but still there is no problem if we delete history.
Now come to another machine which is the most complicated machine in this universe and that is human being. If a computer programmer thinks it important that there should be a history folder to store automatically all our events, then how it is possible that Allah doesn’t store all our activities in the history folder. Surely, every individual has his/her own unique history folder and not only our actions but our thinkings of mind also store there in history folder. Allah will open this history folder on judgment day and then we will find all our activities.
Like CCleaner, there are many other softwares available to maintain the system by deleting all harmful files store on the hard disk. Same way, “TOBA” deletes our unpleasant storage on our history folder.
But unluckily we don’t know that on which place our history is being saved. While looking towards the stars, an idea crossed to my mind that there may be some star dedicated to our history and all our incidents and activities automatically store there. Then I wished to visit that star or place where my history is...

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