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Our Brothers in Offices Essay

  • Submitted by: arifaun
  • on April 16, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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All the employees have to go to office early in the morning or in other words, office is a place where all the employees come daily to perform their assigned duties. Some people want to spend more and more time in the office where majority of the employees hates to perform routine office work. What the employees like and what they dislike it is other matter but there is reality that the employees spend all life in the offices. They just go home to spend night and then again early morning leave the home to go their offices. It means that employees spend the golden part of their life with the colleagues and attached deeply with one an other. But there is a bitter reality that after spending years and years together, there we find the vast gulfs between every individual. Every time they wait for any bit of other’s weak point to play with him and when they find such opportunity, the evil of their inner shines crystal clearly. So, I don’t know what to do on this plight should we laugh on this attitude or weep. On the one hand, it is so much plight of human nature that I take pity of the human nature but same time I want to mock this situation. Why this is so, they daily come, spend at least 8 hours daily on the same place and stay together for years but what they gain? Just poison for others and selfishness. If a person daily go our for a walk in any park or other place, he just complete one track in a day and still emotionally involved with trees and plants and if someday he find some plant missing, he gets worry in his mind about that plant. If we have some pet animal in our home we get attachment with even that animal and have some soft corner for that animal. But why we don’t care our colleagues are we worse than the animals and plants???? Now here just see how little things are which create abhorrence between employees.
The employees are very found of drinking tea. They enjoy tea at least three or four times daily. It is often observed that anyone face shortage of...

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