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Othello Essay

  • Submitted by: chiharu
  • on April 1, 2014
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In the play Othello written by William Shakespeare, a theme of the destructiveness of jealousy is explored in the text through internal and external conflicts between Othello and Iago. Through the conflicts of Othello and Iago, we see the eventual downfall of both of these characters plus many more, showing the themes of the destructiveness of jealousy and otherness and isolation.

William Shakespeare uses an external conflict between Othello, Brabantio and Iago to explore the theme of otherness and isolation. Iago is the character who causes the majority of the conflict in the play. When he discovers that Cassio has been chosen over himself to be Othello's lieutenant, Iago becomes jealous and angry and he starts to plot his revenge. This is where the external conflict begins. Iago lets Desdemona’s father know that she has gotten married to Othello, a black man, without her father’s permission. "Even now, now, very now, an old black ram is tupping your white ewe.” The animalistic imagery makes Othello sound like a dirty man who has manipulated and 'stolen' Desdemona, a beautiful and pure white girl, Branbantio's daughter. The pure white of Desdemona versus Othello’s own 'blackness' is a source of insecurity for Othello, leaving him feeling isolated. Other people do not accept Othello for who he is because he is ‘different’. They are quick to judge that he is a bad person because dark skinned people have ‘dark hearts’, saying that they are the devil or evil. Even in today’s society people are still quick to judge the flaws of other people whether they have different skin colours, different race, or have a disability, people do not accept them for who they are and therefore they feel isolated .

William Shakespeare uses the conflict of Othello to explore the theme of the destructiveness of jealousy. One of the major conflicts in the play, is the internal conflict of Othello. Othello becomes increasingly jealous because of the lies and manipulation...

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