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Organizational Ethics Essay

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  • on April 2, 2014
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Chapter 5 Outline
  1. Organizational Ethics as Culture

What Is Culture?
Organizational culture is the way people act as part of an organization or company. The culture of the organization includes the values, visions, norms, working language, systems, beliefs and habits which affect how the individual interacts with others and the group as a whole. The culture of a organization can range from company to company, and even from having a strong culture to a weak culture.

Example of Different Cultures within the same kind of business: “In the computer industry, IBM was known for many years for its relative formality, exemplified by a dress code that mandated dark suits, white shirts, and polished shoes. Apple Computer, on the other hand, was known for its informality. Particularly in its early days, T-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes were the expected Apple ‘‘costume.’   Fortune magazine described IBM as ‘‘the sensible, wingtip, Armonk, New York Computer Company, not part of that sneaker-wearing, tofu-eating Silicon Valley crowd.’”(p. 151)

Example of Strong versus Weak Culture: Baxter Healthcare was conducting business in a country known for corruption and bribery. Baxter’s strong ethical culture didn’t allow such conduct, and employees were proud to be a part of such an organization and happy to comply (even or perhaps especially in the midst of a corrupt business culture). In a weak organizational culture, strong subcultures exist and guide behavior that differs from one subculture to another. Many large public universities can be thought of as having weak cultures. Different departments can have different views, even the different student organizations can differ in their culture even though all these groups belong to the University. Weak, doesn’t always mean bad either, it just means having a uniform consistency is harder to achieve.   (p. 152)

How Culture Influences Behavior: Socialization and Internalization
Socialization within an organization is...

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