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Organizational Effectiveness Essay

  • Submitted by: meykha2008
  • on April 18, 2015
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Organizational Effectiveness

To transform any organization requires a well-planned change effort.   For effective change management to happen it must be at not only the organizational level but also the group and individual levels as well.   Organizations that wish to change must evaluate the core services, goals, and the way it measures success on a consistent basis in order to ensure that the customer and the employee needs are being met.   These decision need to be made with encompassing goals in mind and that the organization’s routines, labor, and culture are aligned with its mission, vision, and values.   To do this requires commitment to the continuous system improvement and includes staff at every level.
Define organizational effectiveness
Organizational effectiveness is a concept that is difficult to pin down.   It is basically an end point, which suggests that in order to get there, an organization must have a place to start and has to develop a method towards the point of attaining the goal of organizational effectiveness.   This is not a program that one can purchase or a process that is implemented by the organization it is just something that the organization works toward achieving.   The end point of this is not something inert or a single thing.   It is not like once you have gone to the Olympics and achieved a gold medal, it cannot be unachieved.   It is similar to organizational learning as it is a way of accomplishing things, but unlike organizational learning, which is never achieved if you are truly a learning organization but is something that can be achieved.   If supervisors do the right things, the managers will continue to do them and maintain the effectiveness of the organization.   Challenging the way organizations work in regard to the supervisor/employee relationship not only benefits the organization but the employee.   Doing what is right, all the time, for the organization and the employees is what truly defines organizational...

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