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Organizational Design Essay

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The fate of any organization is determined by the ability of the people who are responsible for its management to make the right decisions on how they are going to structure it in a way that brings about the desired outcomes. From time in memorial, the topic of how to structure organizations in such a way that they fulfill the expectations of stakeholders has been the primary concern of many managers. This led to a lot of approaches about how managers could organize and structure organizations so that the tasks and functions of such become carried out for more and more profitable through efficiency and effectiveness.   The classical theories of management can be credited to scholars such as Frederick Taylor with his theory of scientific management, Elton mayo, max Weber and so on.   This essay will discuss one classical theory of management and state its implications to modern day organizations. It will start with the definition of the key concepts in the question and thereafter move on to the main discussion of the theory and its implications on modern day organizations and finally concluding the discussion. The classical theory under discussion will be the bureaucracy by Marx Weber.
The best definition for an organization is by Daft,( 2007) organizations are social entities that in that they comprise of people who work constantly in collaboration in order to achieve goals and objectives. Thus it is comprised of workers and their managers who interact through the tasks they perform and thus making it a social entity.   Organizations are goal-directed; this means that organizations have goals and objectives that they wish to achieve through their goals and objectives. Thus for example an organization such as the university of Zambia have the goal of educating Zambian citizens in order to have the necessary human resource to drive the development of the country. Organizations such as AIRTEL have the objective of providing...

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