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Organizational Chart Sample Essay

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Chapter Three
Fundamentals of Organization Structure

A Sample Organization Chart

Vice President Fianance

Vice President Manufacturing

Director Human Resources

Chief Accountant

Budget Analyst

Plant Maintenance Superintendent Superintendent

Training Specialist

Benefits Administrator

The Relationship of Organization Design to Efficiency vs. Learning Outcomes
Horizontal Organization Designed for Learning
Horizontal structure is dominant • Shared tasks, empowerment • Relaxed hierarchy, few rules • Horizontal, face -to-face communication • Many teams and task forces • Decentralized decision making

Dominant Structural Approach

Vertical structure is dominant • Specialized tasks • Strict hierarchy, many rules • Vertical communication and reporting systems • Few teams, task forces or integrators • Centralized decision making

Vertical Organization Designed for Efficiency

Ladder of Mechanisms for Horizontal Linkage and Coordination

Teams Full-time Integrators Task Forces Direct Contact

Amount of Horizontal Coordination Required


Information Systems

Cost of Coordination in Time and Human Resources

Project Manager Location in the Structure
President Finance Department Financial Accountant Budget Analyst Management Accountant Engineering Department Product Designer Marketing Department Market Researcher Advertising Specialist Buyer Electrical Designer Market Planner Purchasing Department Project Manager New Product A Project Manager New Product B Project Manager New Product C




Teams Used for Horizontal Coordination at Rodney Hunt Company
President Marketing Vice Pres. Engineering Vice Pres Manufacturing Vice Pres

Water Control Equip. Sales Manager Water Control Product Team Textile Machinery Domestic Sales Manager Textile Machinery Export Manager Advertising Manager

Water Control Equip. Chief Engineer

Foundry General Supervisor Machine Shop...

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