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Organizational Behaviour Essay

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Summer 2012

Professor Caroline Bartel        
Phone: 471-8314
Office: CBA 4.232                                          
Office hours: Tuesday 1-2pm and by appointment
Email: Caroline.Bartel@mccombs.utexas.edu

Course Overview

Business organizations of all types face an array of challenging management issues.   Examples include developing strategies for winner-take-all-competitive markets, creating and sustaining a corporate culture, managing conflict and political struggles between individuals and organizational units, motivating employees, and dealing with an increasingly diverse and global workforce.   Such challenges and how managers can deal with them are the focus of this course.

This advanced survey course has three major components.   The first component focuses on the overall architecture of an organization – its strategy, structure and culture.   Issues that we will explore include:

  * What types of strategies and goals do organizations adopt?  
  * What types of organizational structures exist and how can different aspects of an organization’s structure promote (or undermine) its chosen strategy?
  * How do you identify an organization’s culture? How does the organization’s culture shape people’s goals and their decisions and actions on the job?
  * What are the advantages and disadvantages of using culture as a means of controlling people’s behavior in organizations (as opposed to relying on formal authority and rules)?

In the second component, we will learn about leadership and group-level dynamics.   Some issues that...

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