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Organizaional Behavior Essay

  • Submitted by: cadams0925
  • on April 14, 2015
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Running head: Case Study: Cooperating and Communicating Across Cultures

This case covers different views of cultural communication. There were two different situations that were presented in this case. One situation consisted of an American working on a team that was controlled by the Germans. The next situation displayed a German that was on a team dominated by the Americans. There were different sides and perspectives for both parties in how they function and get things done. It was interesting to read about the different actions the individuals in the group took in order to function as an organization.
The scenario with the Germans lacked a strategic approach in organization and management styles. It appears that a lot of time was wasted and instead of interacting with each other collectively within the group, everyone worked separately without providing insight to the American that was present at the meeting. The culture in the US seemed to be more positive and cheerful. While working in Germany the American did not receive much recognition for his thoughts on the project. In fact he became irritated due the repeat interference from the German team leader. In contrast the German that was placed in the workplace setting in the United States received a different outlook to the workplace environment. It seemed as if he was perplexed that he was being complimented on all of the tasks that were completed. The German initial thought of the project was that it was sloppy work that would cost the team more time and energy to complete than just finishing it right the first time. I believe that both sides can learn from each other. The Germans approach is efficient however not the most effective. It is important to dissect every piece of information however ignoring the individuals thoughts are not how a group should interact. The Americans should also take more time in their work and adapt some of the traits that the Germans use in their workplace. The...

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