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One Stair Up Essay

  • Submitted by: annielav
  • on April 18, 2015
  • Category: English
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First of all I would like to say that I like this text very much because it is full of humour.From the very beginning the author describes the way in which the main characters enter the cinema.It is very dark in the salon and a girl is flashing her torch into a hot darkness lit here and there by red lamps.Finally Rosa and Andrew sit down.Andrew promises Rosa that he will not put her any questions concerning the film that night.Suddenly the screen announces a forthcoming attraction which is called Mothers of Broadway.At first Andrew does not expect much from this film,then he begins to enjoy himself because the big picture is funny.Rosa believes that he is behaving like a baby and tells him that she does not see anything funny in that.She just does not have his sense of humour,that is all.
The title of the text is related to the exposition where the author makes a presentation of time,place and characters of the story.The title is especially related to the first sentenceThey went up a short marble staircase(one stair up).The complication represents the moment when the forthcoming attraction is announced.The climax represents the moment when Rosa and Andrew watch the big picture.Andrew enjoys himself,Rosa does not.In thedenouement we find out that Rosa does not have Andrew/s sense of humour.That is why she does not laugh while watching the comedy.
The theme of art runs through the text.The cinema itself is an art.The idea is that every person has his/her own taste which is different from the tastes of the others.Andrew likes comedies,Rosa does not.Another idea that prevails over the text is that if a gentleman invites a lady to a film,first of all he should know what kind of films the lady likes.The lady should take pleasure in watching the film.
There are some descriptive passages in the text which prove the fact that the action takes place in the cinema while watching a film.The author describes the way in which the main charcters enter the cinema.He also points...

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