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One of the Most Influential Persons in My Life Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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One of the Most Influential Persons in My Life
As a child you’re reared and taught many things including right from wrong.   You’re often lectured, scolded or spanked. In many cases, the last thought that occurs is that you’re being influenced or molded for who you’ll become in life.   I thought my mother was just being mean.   It would take me years later to understand and know that she’s one of the most influential people in my life.
I can remember, as if it were yesterday.   I was nine years old, at the time, living in an impoverished area in Vicksburg, MS.   My mother was a single parent.   She and my father had separated when I was age 7.   I had four other siblings that ranged in ages from 6-15.   While others may have looked down on the area in which we lived, to us it was the perfect place.   I can recall on that Saturday how hot outside it was.   It was so hot that you could fry an egg on the sidewalk.   My friend and I were playing outside as her sister Michelle, asked if we wanted to walk to the store with her.   At the time my mom was at work, therefore my oldest sister was left in charge.   Initially I advised that I couldn’t go, but Michelle, who was fifteen years old quickly stated, “ It’s not far that we’re going and no one will ever know we’ve left.” So against my better judgment, I left the playing area and headed for the store.   We walked for what didn’t seem to be very long before arriving at the A&P grocery store.   This store was new to the South.   It had anything you could imagine needed from a grocery store; Many wide aisles, with floors so clean that you could eat from them.   I wasn’t sure what we’d gone to the store for, but I was well aware that I had no money.   While there we approached an area in the store where there was tons of candy.   There were Now & Laters, Lemonheads, Boston-Baked Beans, and individually wrapped candies of all kinds and flavors that were in bins.   Michelle had advised us that it was Brach’s candy and that free...

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