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On Time Essay

  • Submitted by: reptilerobot
  • on August 20, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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where he is to recive his food he takes it with great anger asking himself why was this so
called Big Mac cost so much gold . it didn’t matter anymore he had accomplished the
mission and stated to head back to his cave! He finally arrived home as he needed
entertainment to feast he called upon his jester by the name of Netflix and began to eat
knowing that the following day there was war to wage. Oh how glorious the meal was and
as the entertainment began to die down the eyes of the young private began to get smaller
and smaller till they shut completely. Oh and morning came and as the private awoke
realizing that he did not awake to the great screeching of the alarm looked at it and saw that
the battle was about to begin oh what a fool he was having such a great feast the previous
night he did not realize that he forgot to set the alarm he threw on his armor mounted his
chariot rode towards the battlefield for he did not want to see his comrades defeated before
he was there to help them! Luckily he got there in the nick of time no serious damage was
done and at the end of the day the battle was won!
Tardiness is unacceptable. I could write a bunch of excuses on why I was late but the fact of
the matter is, there is no excuse. In life and especially in the Army you have to understand
that there are consequences for every action that you take, and no matter if there is an
excuse you always have to remember that there are no excuses in life. When I am late I risk
letting my battle buddies and noncommissioned officer s down. I have also learned that you
cannot depend on anybody, to wake you up. It is my full responsibility to wake myself up
and be on time. I am the one that put me in this situation so I am the one that has to fix it
nobody can fix what I mess up. I have to learn from my own mistakes and try my best not to
make the same mistakes in the future. Being on time is very important. If there is important
information that I need to...

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