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Oj Simpson Trial Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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The Massive Trial
One of many major murder trials in American history, a well-known football star Orenthal James Simpson known as O.J, accused for the murders of Nicole and Ronald. Along with 2 other witnesses, the state’s prosecutor was bringing to the table mounds of indisputable forensic evidence that the prosecution presented. Simpsons “dream team” of defense attorneys was still able to discredit the facts of the evidence. “It was a circumstantial case with overwhelming evidence, and a case that the prosecution easily could have won if they had not made so many mistakes(Dershowitz)” These mistakes cost the prosecution one of the biggest verdicts of all time.
While still married to his first wife Marguerite in 1979, O.J met his lover Nicole. Nicole and O.J claimed to be deeply in love, nothing was going to stop them from being together. Divorcing his wife, Simpson marries Nicole and start a family. Sydney and Justin were both brought to this world by 1988. Nicole found out that O.J had been “cheating and spending his money on other women” (Tawny Kitten) no longer wanting intercourse from O.J. The relationship became domestic when she no longer wanted to be intimate.
Then the Los Angeles polices got several phone calls from Nicole stating that Mr. Simpson has been beating up on her. (pg19). January 1, 1989 Nicole called the police and as soon as they had arrived and she ran to the yelling that “he is going to kill me! He is going to kill me!” (pg. 19) repeatedly. Scared out of her mind Nicole had finally admitted to the police of the beaten she had received and that O.J yelled at her “I WILL KILL YOU!” Many scratches around her neck, trauma bruises (right of her forehead), scratches and cuts on her lip. No women should have to go through that ever. The beating continued for a couple more years, until Nicole was done and tired of it all. After a long relationship of ups and down, Nicole finally filed for divorced in February of 1992.
Although that divorce...

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