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Ohene Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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Tears Of Blood
Why it rains
Once upon a time there was a girl called Alvida. She lived in a small village in the middle of a forest with his mum. Alvida dad died when she was born.She had no brothers or sisters,Alvida was so lonely when she was young she started making friends with animals. She is the only one in her village who can speak with animals.
On one windy night Alvida asked her mum how his dad died his mum her mum sadly said the he was killed by a tiger when he was going to hunt food for the villagers. Alvida was shoked when she heard that but that didn't stop her from making friends with animals.
The next morning Alvida woke up early and went on a search for food for her villagers because he was almost out of food.When she was searching for food around the village a bird and said ''whats wrong''. Alvida told her about the villagers and the bird said there was a huge mango tree in the middle of a lake. She followed the bird as and it took her to a huge mango tree.
When they got there the mango tree was broken down but it had all the fruit under it.There was so many fruit for her to pick so she called more of her friends to help her take it to the village.One thier way to the village she saw a small lake with an amulet she tried it ignore it but she couldn't resist how preety it was she gently picked it up and hid it in her pocket
When her mum woke up she looked at her daughters hut but she could find her in there she quickly ran out and asked villagers they told her that she went out to look for food for them Alvida's mum was so worried when she heard that.
When Alvida got back to the village all of the village celebrated the great amount of food she has given to them she felt so proud for helping the villagers.Her mum was so relieved when she got back and told her to never go there again.
The next morning when Alvida's mum was washing her Daughters cloths she saw the amulet and threw it away. When Alvida woke up she put her cloths on and check...

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