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Officer Cadet School Essay

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A year ago, I was enlisted to Basic Military Training for my national service. It was a place where most people despise and fear. I was full of nerves on the reporting day but was also greeted by a confident looking person in his mid twenties. I went on to find out later that he was the Officer in Command of my company. His name is Captain Gan and is by far the most optimistic and caring commander I`ve ever seen.

He would lead us through tough and rigorous training himself and never fails to let our morale stoop to low levels. For example, he would carry twice the weight each recruit carries and lead us on route marches ranging from four to twenty-four kilometres with a smile on his face. Seeing him upbeat and fit motivated every recruit to push themselves to the limit.

How did his actions have an impact on me? I went through a drastic change which moulded me into a strong and positive person from a timid and shy person I once used to be. After watching him in awe, I learned to be confident,engaging and overcame obstacles thereafter as if it were mere hurdles.

As a result, I went on to Officer Cadet School and commissioned as an Officer of the Singapore Armed Forces. It was the proudest moment of my life. Being positive always not only changes you, but it also takes a toll on the people around you. Influencing someone to change their ways for the better is something that I would always be proud of.

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