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Oedipus Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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Literary Analysis
Oedipus was castaway from his home by his parents in fear that a prophecy would come true. The Oedipus play of Sophocles follows the life and times of Oedipus.
Oedipus was a great person and a honorable leader, but had no way of controlling his own fate. He gained the trust of the people by saving the city from the sphinx, showing his bravery and selflessness way of being, ''You told me, yes, but I was sick with fear'' (52). Showing his inner thoughts on his own self. Oedipus was very determined on helping the city get through the plague brought down in the god’s rath. ''Worlds apart? He was my father wasn’t he? (59) This quote shows his ignorance in knowing who he really is , or were he’s from.
Oedipus had a very clouded and stubborn way of being when he was trying to figure out the prophecies about himself. ''Another way? Id like to see exactly how. (66) Oedipus has his own way of dealing with things, no matter what the outcome is. ''What care is so long as you fail as thoroughly to dupe these people here as you’ve duped me’’? (116). Oedipus has his weakness as a tragic hero, his downfall was his unrelenting search for the truth leading to his demise. Believing that he was right in his ways to accomplish his truth.
From the start of the story we find out that Oedipus and his family are cursed, and from this he is doomed from the start. But he tries to not follow the prophecies, but not knowing he did exactly the opposite. "Two shout from birth of a mofermotus tree pang’’ (118) through this we get an in depth claim to support the main claim.”I saved the city. I wish I had not and the prize for this has broken my heart". Oedipus tried so hard to reveal something, so clouded in his truth that he slept with his own mother. Although Oedipus couldn’t change his fate or anyone else’s fate, he was of the most determined souls to do so. In his tragic hero story he tries to find answers to something that he should have kept away from but pushed his...

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