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Oddssey Essay

  • Submitted by: JasminK22
  • on March 31, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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An epic story that inspired many authors to write their own version of it, “The Odyssey.” The mastermind of this story was Homer (Greek; W Hómēros), a blind poet, who majored in ancient Greek literature. He was said to be born around 800 B.C. and yet, we still read one of his greatest novels to this day. Odysseus, who is the main character of the story, has many obstacles to overcome. But luckily, his courage helps him find his way home.
Without Odysseus’s courage, he would’t have been able to surpass the Cyclopes.
Once he arrived to the Island of Cyclopes, he and his men scattered around the island looking for anything that seemed suspicious, and they came across one of the Cyclops’s cave. They commandeered the cave and ate the Cyclops’s cheese and drank his fine wine. Once the Cyclops came back, he asked what Odysseus’s name was and he responded by saying “My name is Nohbody: mother, father, and friends, everyone calls me Nohbody” (p.1118). After they’re done talking for a while, Odysseus and his men offer the Cyclops some wine to get him drunk and to fall asleep. Once the Cyclops is sleeping, Odysseus spots a tree in the back of the cave and gets an idea. They cut the tree into a 6-foot log and sharpen one of the ends and put it over fire so that the spear will harden. Once that is done, they rammed the spear right into the Cyclops’s eye. He shrieks with pain and yell to his brothers saying, “Nohbody has hurt me!” His brothers just ignore him since he said that nobody has hurt me. In the morning, the Cyclops moves the big boulder to let his sheep out to graze. When Odysseus sees him move the rock, he ties his men on the bottom of the sheep’s so the Cyclops would feel nothing but the sheep. O-man’s courage is what keeps him and some of his men alive. With his courage he is able to do the difficult task of sacrificing a few to save many. His courage helps him complete his task against the Cyclops; if he would’ve made one mistake- it would’ve killed everyone....

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  • Submitted by: JasminK22
  • on March 31, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
  • Length: 705 words
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