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Nutritional Sceening Project 1 Essay

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  • on April 17, 2015
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Name: John Smith Date: 10/11/2014
Address: 1 Up The Road, Bendigo, 3550
Phone Number:   041358931
AGE:   34
Email:   John smith @bigpond.com
Emergency Contact: Val Smith (wife) 049658471

Weight: 120kg Height:   183cm
Blood Pressure: 150/95

Presenting Symptoms

his GP has advised that he go to a PT to improve his health
Progressive Blood pressure.
Chronic   Cholesterol
Feeling tired and lethargic
Needing advice on diet and exercise
His HS are becoming less and less
P well above what his age group should be

(What are the Nutritional Health Goals of your client?)

1. To lower both cholesterol and BP

2. Get fit to be able to do daily chores
3. Wanting to gain muscle and loose fat

Nutrition Analysis

| Time | |
On rising | 6.50 | |
Breakfast | 7 am | 2 slices of white toast with jam and margarineHot milo with 3 sugars and full cream milk |
Morning Tea | 10am | 2 fried dim simsCoffee with 3 sugars and full cream milk |
Lunch | 12 noon | Maccas Big Mac with large chipsLarge cokeCoffee with 3 sugars and full cream milk |
Afternoon Tea | 3pm | Coffee with 3 sugars and full cream milk |
Dinner | 7pm | 2 pieces of fish and chips, 2 potato cakes1 can coke |
Supper | 8pm | 2 – 4 stubbies of beer |

How much of the following would you consume each day?

Water: none _ Filtered/Tap/Bottled
Coffee: 3 Tea: __none
Milk: __only in coffee Type: full cream
Juice/Cordial/Soft drinks: Alcohol:   2   cans Type: coke
Sugar: 9 teaspoons plus what’s in coke
Take Away Food: _ 3 times per day Type: maccas and fish n chips
Allergies/Intolerance: none
Cravings:   sugary and fatty foods
Dietary preference: quick and easy, not a good cook   have not eaten fruit or many vegies since leaving home

Digestion Review

Do you experience any burping, belching, reflux, nausea?
Burping, reflux and belching

Elimination – stool analysis
How often? | Sometimes daily but mostly once every 2nd day...

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