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Nursing Homes Essay

  • Submitted by: xstarzi3
  • on March 24, 2012
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English 151
March 09, 2012

Did you ever have a nurse with really bad bedside manner? Bed side manner and courtesy from nurses can have an effect on their patients, but more toward the elderly. People see a lot more problems in assistant living homes then hospitals.   There are three main sub categories that all nurses should be doing when it comes to bedside manners to patients. They are to have respect/be polite, listen and do their job on timely fashion, and encouragement.
First, nurses should have respect toward their patients and be polite when they see them. Nurses should be saying hello to their patients and knocking on doors before they enter a person’s room. Even calling them mam or sir, not using the world old man/ lady as a description.   When they enter they should making polite conversation or just the general how are you feeling today, even if they throw in a fake smile. Younger people in a hospital usually can just say yeah whatever and blow it off, but the elderly it could get a little worse.   Some nurses get so frustrated with the elderly they start to yell at them this is emotional abuse, “Psychological/Emotional: e.g. shouting, swearing, frightening, or humiliating a person. It may take verbal forms such as name-calling, ridiculing, constantly criticizing, accusations, blaming, and general disrespect, or non-verbal forms such as ignoring, silence or shunning.” ("Wikipedia")   One of my grandmothers lived in a building one and the nurses would just come walking in do what she has to cause she was in a rush and leave. No hello nothing, I was like hello person here say hello she still a person even if she sick and has problem talking.   This leads me to my next category nurses doing their jobs in timely fashion.
In nursing homes it obviously important that they get there medicine and cleaned at right times. They things they need to stay alive and healthy. What happens a lot at these places is that the nurses that are there tend to rush and...

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