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Nursing Essay

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  • on April 1, 2014
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  What nurses do on a day to day basis have been changing and evolving for many years now.   There is so much more that they have to do and have such a wide range of responsibilities.   Today nurses are not just caring for sick patients; they are doing much, much more because the field has grown more stressful and strenuous.   But to be a great nurse they must have had a greater education.   They take what they have learned and use that information every day to make difficult decisions in life and death situations (Tiffin).   There is always something new to learn and be taught and the world is always changing.   Being a State Tested Nursing Aide (STNA) is not a requirement for all universities when applying and/or enrolling in nursing programs.   Being state tested is crucial to a nurse’s education, it will “make it or break it” for them in this field and puts them into an environment that the future holds.   This is why requirements must be changed to make it mandatory in every college/program across the United States that before one can apply or be enrolled into a nursing program a State Tested Nursing Aide program must be completed with a certification.  
  An STNA program lasts about three to four weeks long and there is a basic curriculum just like in any other class one can take.   There is a text book that most of the time is provided and there will not be any charges for it unless it is damaged or not returned.   The topics that will be discussed and tested on in the class include (depending on the book given): an introduction to the class, mental health, safe and clean, communication, basic needs, personal care, activity and exercise, foods and fluids, elimination, and vital signs (N/A May).   This gives people a basic outline of what is to be expected to know as an STNA, how to use the proper technique/equipment and control the spread of infection and diseases.   There are then quizzes given after every chapter on the subjects learned and these are all...

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